Sections e-Mail Directory

Circulation and Reserve (Second Floor)

Name eMail Position
Charles W. Seguí-Caballero Supervisor
Lucy Peña-Carro Assistant Librarian
Jaime T. Rosario Assistant Librarian
Luz Evelyn Acevedo-Matías Assistant Librarian
Rogelio Lugo-Camacho Assistant Librarian

Reference and Competencies (Second Floor)

Name eMail Position
Margarita González-Pérez Supervisor
Luz Mariel Díaz Secretary
Efraín Flores Rivera Reference Librarian
Francisca Corrada-del-Río Reference Librarian
Victoria Delgado-Aponte Reference Librarian

For communications regarding matters of the Conflicts Mediation Centre, please contact Prof. Francisca Corrada del Río at

For the Virtual Reference Service, please use the email: or visit their website.

Special Collections (Third Floor)

Name eMail Position
Carmen M. Santos-Corrada Supervisor
Luis Mendizábal Curator

Serials Publications (Fourth Floor)

Name eMail Position
Rossana I. Barrios-Llorens Supervisor
Pedro Antonio Del-Valle-López Electronic Resources and Services
Ernesto A. Rivera Auxiliar Librarian
Freddie Hernández-Rivera Assistant Librarian
José Raúl Ubieta Assistant Librarian

For communications regarding Interlibrary Loans transactions, please use the email account:

Multimedia Resources and Services Center (Fifth Floor)

Name eMail Position
Zaida García-Soto Supervisor

Collection Development (Sixth Floor)

Name eMail Position
Nilca Parrilla-Díaz Supervisor
Arleen Cruz-Zayas Assistant Librarian
María Santiago Assistant Librarian
Teresa Meléndez-Ayala Assistant Librarian

Institutional Historical Archive (Sixth Floor)

Name eMail Position
María Lina Collazo Supervisor

Administrative Office (Sixth Floor)

Name eMail Position
Irma I. Quiñones-Maurás Library Director
Amariliz Burgos Administrator
Danilly Ramos-Lleras Secretary
Iván Marcano-López LAN Administrator